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Adjusters and Agents
Baker Restoration has been in business over 20 years and understands the importance of developing valuable relationships with Insurance agents and adjusters. As the insurance business continues to become more competitive than ever, it is essential to exceed your client’s expectations at every opportunity. Your client needs you the most when a claim needs to be filed, and are counting on you to recommend a company that will get the job done the first time. Baker Restoration has been serving communities in the Lake County, Geauga County, Ashtabula County and Eastern Cuyahoga County for over 20 years. We have experienced the frustrations of our Insurance Agents and Adjusters, and have refined our operational process to meet the ever-changing demands. If your client has filed a damage claim, take that extra step and call Baker Restoration on their behalf. We strive to make you look good, and will provide full communication disclosure at every turn.

In our experience working with Insurance adjusters, we have found that it is essential to keep costs down. With the client demands of keeping premium prices down, the lower cost to repair, the greater value you can provide to your client.

Baker Restoration understands that in order to achieve the best level of service at the lowest rate, we must focus on mitigation first before reconstruction. That is why we have invested in certification classes and tools that are geared towards advanced drying techniques.

Not all damage claims are the same, however we have the expertise and training required to evaluate which materials are salvageable and which ones are not. This way, we can keep your costs down as much as possible.

Insurance Agents
In our experience working with Insurance agents, we have found that it has gotten harder and harder to set yourself apart from the crowd. More consumers are turning to internet insurance providers, and bottom line price has become an increasing factor when purchasing insurance. The good news is you can set yourself apart from the pack by taking that extra step. When clients experience damage to their property, typically, the first call is to their insurance company. Instead of referring them to the claims line, go that extra step by providing them recommendations to restoration companies who will not only take care of your client, but will take care of YOU as well. When you work with Baker Restoration, you are hiring the professionals who can get the job done right. We focus on mitigation first, then reconstruction. We believe that implementing cost saving technologies first will help you keep your costs down, and your clients’ premiums at a minimum.

When you pick up the phone to give us a call, or refer your client to our home repair services, you will not be disappointed. You have our promise we will take care of your client quickly, with an honest estimate and the integrity to complete the work in a reasonable timeframe. We know we not only have your reputation to consider, but ours to uphold.

You can expect the following level of service when you choose Baker Restoration:

  • Constant Communication
  • Enhanced Service & Support
  • Estimates done in Xactimate
  • Less paperwork on your end
  • High quality work at lower cost structures
  • Access to ClientRunner, our project management system
  • Reduced liability through elimination of secondary damage risk

Baker Restoration understands that when you recommend a company, you are putting your name on it. That is why we ensure we will positively represent you every step through the claims process.

Restoration, Fast

Baker Restoration has the capacity to immediately respond to any claim. Our technicians are fully equipped to get the job done. They are trained in the advanced drying techniques that help reduce drying times, and restore properties in a fraction of the time.

Wide Range of Services

Baker Restoration has built an extensive portfolio of restoration services, both on the mitigation side and reconstruction side. We have the certifications, licensing and insurance to take on any sized project.

Mitigation Focused

We will take the most cost effective approach to restoring any property. This typically requires mitigation first on any salvageable materials. We will only reconstruct as a last resort method, and stay transparent of our costs throughout the process.

Access to Client Runner ® Project Management System

To stay open and honest on the services we provide and their associated costs, we can provide you with an access code to allow you to see your client’s claim information in our ClientRunner Project Management system. This way, you can stay informed every step of the way, knowing that you are receiving the highest value for your service.

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