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Drywall, Plaster & Finishing

For your next remodeling project or drywall repair, call Baker Restoration and Construction! We are the professionals you need to generate the outcome you want! Serving Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties for over 20 years, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured to meet the demands of your drywall finishing project.

Did you know that even if you follow the exact steps for doing your own drywall repair and finishing you may not experience professional results? Professional contractors who have experience with drywall understand that for an even, smooth finish, you must have stellar hand and eye coordination. There is an art to getting it right and when you choose Baker Restoration and Construction, we will leave your drywall looking smooth and polished!

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Techniques for Finishing Drywall
Prepare Drywall

In order for the drywall to be finished properly, it must sit tight against the studs, be secured properly and all corner joints sitting with a gap of about ¼ of an inch. The biggest problem we have seen from other contractors or “DIYers “is a lack of fasteners. You need screws at roughly every 16 inches.

Proper Mud Mix

When you choose Baker Restoration and Construction, we do not just use the mud from a box or bucket. It is simply too stiff. We take time to add the right proportion of water to the mud to ensure a smooth finish.

Specific Tools

Dull knives and blades simply will not do. When you use a dull tool, it can cause jagged edges and tears in the tape and drywall which require more sanding at the end of the project. Baker Restoration and Construction keeps our tools up to date and in great shape to meet the demands of your finishing project.

Order of Steps

In order to get a great finishing look, the proper steps need to be taken in proper order. This means, we take

Application of Mud
Baker Restoration and Construction understands that a little mud can go a long way. We apply mud to about 4-5 linear feet of the seam and then scrape the seam to remove any excess mud.
Second Application of Mud
The next day, we will apply a second application.
Proper Finishing

Once the mud has dried, the sanding process begins to smooth out all of the bumps and ridges. Proper hand and eye coordination is required at this point.

Sealer & Primer

In order to protect your drywall and create a stellar finish.

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Serving Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties for over 20 years.