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Commercial Flood Damage
Flood damage can occur from high winds and flying debris causing damage to the building’s exterior. Broken windows, damage to the roof and cracks in the building’s foundation can cause floodwater to settle inside the structure of the building. Not only that, groundwater can be filled with mud, microbes and viruses, exposing hazardous conditions to the air quality within the building. This clearly is not a situation you want to have your maintenance crew handle on their own. Commercial buildings tend to have more than one floor and when flood damage hits, water can seep and saturate into areas that may not be obvious. The danger in missing these hidden areas could be severe mold growth and other types of secondary damage. In these situations, you need to call in a team of professionals to correctly address the situation and get your building up and running quickly.
Baker Restoration and Construction services the Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties. A full service restoration company for the past 20 years, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured to meet any of your commercial flooding needs. In addition, our firm is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). This means that we have taken the proper measures to meet certain criteria when addressing any commercial flood project. We are committed to your satisfaction and can reach us any time of the day, all year round. Our dispatchers are on-hand to take your call in the case of an emergency.
What are the Hazards of Floodwater in my Commercial Building?

Electrical: First and foremost, when a flood in your commercial building occurs, you need to be aware of the electrical situation. Do not enter the wet area if the electrical has been compromised in any way. If possible, and if it is safe, turn the main breaker off on your electrical panels. This way, you can keep the building safe from electrical issues while the clean-up is taking place.


When mud and floodwater enter a building, bacteria and microbes enter along with it. When you choose a professional company to assist with the cleanup, proper measures will be taken to sanitize and clean all affected areas.


Many times flood water can mix with commercial cleaning agents present in the building, fuel, and other chemicals. If you notice an unusual odor inside of your commercial building, make sure to keep the area ventilated while waiting for a professional restoration company to arrive. Baker Restoration and Construction services is fully equipped to clean and restore affected areas that may contain these types of hazardous materials.


During a flood it is quite common to experience structural damage if floodwaters are not addressed in a timely manner. When building materials saturate with, they can become weaker. If you hear any sort of shifting or unusual noise, leave immediately and call in professional help. Baker Restoration and Construction will arrive quickly upon receipt of your call and begin the water extraction process immediately. We also have the ability to tear out saturated, unsalvageable materials and rebuild the areas to their pre-loss condition.

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