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Ice Dams and Frozen Pipes
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Ice Dams and Frozen Pipes

Living on the Northcoast, the past few years we’ve experience unprecedented record snowfalls and sub-zero temperatures. Even with a small amount of snow, when snows sticks to the roof, ice dams can form. Ice dams occur when the layer between your roof and the snow begins to melt. Melting snow (water) slides under the blanket of snow to the edge of your roof and begins to refreeze. The insulated combination of the top layer of snow and the heat from the home triggers these ice dams. The damage that is produced can sometimes be obvious, and at times subtle. Symptoms of damage caused by ice dams may include water stains on your ceiling, roofing shingles that become dislodged (will not be noticeable until snow melts), damaged plaster, paint peeling or actual water seeping in. Sometimes the damage can be extensive!

Inside a property, as the temperature plummets, interior water lines that are poorly insulated in attics, basements or along outside walls can freeze and burst, creating interior damage to your property. Usually a plumber will be needed to locate and repair the burst pipe and well as pressurize and test the system for additional leaks and blockages.

Baker Restoration & Construction services has been handling ice dams and frozen pipes emergencies for over twenty years. We can get a licensed, experienced plumber out to your property and our expert technicians have experience locating and making the necessary repairs. Contact us if you are searching for quality restoration services.

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