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Accidents Happen
Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time. Baker Restoration and Construction has cleaned up and repaired many properties where damage was created by drivers who lost control of their vehicle and plowed into a building or a home. Recently, we have cleaned up a basement where human error allowed hundreds of gallons of home heating oil spill into the homes’ lower level. Many times whe have been called upon because a tree’s core is rotted and they have fallen onto a house or shed. We will respond quickly and send our trained technicians to your property to clean up and repair your accidental damage.
Baker Water Restoration
Bad weather cannot be controlled but when your property is deliberately damaged, this can be very upsetting. If your property has sustained damage from an act of vandalism it feels very personal, creating a lot of stress and anxiety. Baker Restoration and Construction has cleaned up and repaired many properties that have been vandalized. We offer only quality home repair services. Cleaning up debris, replacing broken glass and copper water lines, removing graffiti and repairing broken doors are some of the many services we have provided for our clients whose properties have been damaged by vandals.
Baker Water Restoration
Vandals are human beings that needlessly destroy properties; varmints are pests either animals or insects that can create a huge amount of damage in a short period of time. Certain insect pests such as, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, termites and powder post beetles can cause extensive damage to homes, buildings and building materials. Raccoons, squirrels, mice, birds and bats are a few of the animal varmints we most often encounter; rather than boor their way into your home they find an opening into your home, shed or garage and can go undetected for long periods of time in attic and eave spaces.
These varmints may chew on the structural wood, electrical wiring or even PVC pipes. If it’s a water line running through your attic, a small chew hole can create a lot of water damage below inside your home. These uninvited houseguests leave their droppings, bring in other parasites and carry diseases harmful to humans. Regular pest inspections are the key to preventing or minimizing this type of property damage. First the pest(s) have to be removed or exterminated by a professional pest removal company. Then Baker Restoration and Construction can seal shut all entry points (preferably with steel) and start the repair process, getting your property cleaned up and restoring your peace of mind.

For prompt, professional accident, vandalism and varmint clean-up and repair services call us today