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Water Damage Restoration
Have you gotten a call from your employees that a broken pipe, appliance failure or sprinkler line has failed? Even worse, that failure has caused a large amount of damage to the commercial building. In fact, multiple floors have been affected and water is dripping down the walls. You know you need to act fast and call in the professionals that can get your business back up and running quickly! When you call Baker Restoration and Cleaning Inc., we follow a specific and detailed process when mitigating a commercial structure. We understand that for you, time is money, and we will act quickly to get you back in business. We are committed to investing in the latest technologies and tools to help speed up the extraction and drying process. Certified by the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration), we have been servicing the Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties for over 20 years and have the staff and technicians with the right equipment to meet your needs.
Baker water restoration
Baker Restoration and Cleaning Commercial Mitigation Process
If you are experiencing water damage or want to prepare a pre-disaster plan, give Baker Restoration and Cleaning Inc., a call. We handle the Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties for over 20 years.

Analyze the Damage

When our technicians arrive, the very first step they take is to assess the damage of the water loss. Many times the damage runs deeper than what you can see on the surface. We take time to follow the path of water flow, the actual damage that occurred and identify areas of secondary damage. As soon as the analysis is complete, a drying strategy will be communicated to the client and work will begin.

Extract Standing Water

Once the drying plan is communicated to our client and approved, we will get to work extracting any standing water. Using the proper techniques, we can extract up to 99% of the standing water present in the area. The more extracted at this point, the faster the drying process will be.

Dry the affected area

When extraction is complete, our technicians will get to work placing dehumidifiers, air movers and HEPA air filters according to the IICRC standards. Dehumidifiers are typically placed in the middle of the room, with air movers placed every 10-15 ft. around the perimeter of the affected area.

Take moisture readings

In order to track the drying process, we will take moisture readings on a daily basis. This way, we can identify if the drying process is working and give you a proper estimate of a restored space. When we apply advanced structural drying techniques, moisture readings are essential in supporting the drying process is in place. In addition, if you are filing a claim with your insurance company, these moisture readings provide the supporting documentation necessary to keep your claim moving along.

Restore affected areas

Although we make every effort to save as many building materials as possible, there are occasions when areas simply cannot be saved. In those situations, we will tear out the unsalvageable areas and re-build those areas to match their original state. Since we are a full service contractor we can handle the re-build just as much as we can handle the drying process. When you give Baker Restoration and Construction services, one call will cover all of your restoration needs.

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We can take on any sort of water damage that effects your commercial building. For 24 hour service call or a free commercial preparedness plan, give us a call at 440-336-8382.